We are a private practice, which means you ‘pay as you go’ for the treatment you receive. Estimates of treatment costs are available, and we accept cash, cheques that are supported by a guarantee card and all major credit / debit cards.

Children and young people up to the age of 18 (19 if in full-time education) are treated free of charge under the NHS. We also have a monthly payment scheme available to us called Denplan, for more details please feel free to call us or fill out our online enquiry form.

Payment is due at the time of your appointment. We are unable to offer credit or late payments. Repeated accounts that have been sent payment requests with incur a 10% administration charge.

Examination and Report

Basic exam
Extensive exam

X-rays and Report

Bitewing / PA

Periodontal Treatment (Per Visit)

Scale and polish
Scale and polish with Oraquix
Simple scale
Prolonged surgical gum treatment
Topical antibiotics


Anterior composite
Glass ionomer
Pin or screw retention
Fissure sealant
Posterior composite
From £34.00
From £57.00
From £51.00
From £75.00

Root Treatment

Incisor / Canine
Upper premolar
Lower premolar
Upper and lower molar
Incise abscess
Open tooth to drain


Planned multiple extractions are charged as one course of treatment but are not necessarily extracted in one visit.

1 tooth
2– 4 teeth
5–10 teeth
11–16 teeth
17 + teeth
Complex surgery

Miscellaneous Treatments

Reline U/L denture
Soft reline U/L denture
Addition of one tooth
Second and subsequent teeth
Addition of clasp
Addition of gum
Dressing / temp FLG
Desensitise cementum
Study models
Night guard
Gum shields
Bleaching PA
From £23.00
From £68.00
Prices vary
From £190.00

Casual Treatments

No charge to registered patients for these items.

Ease U/L denture
Stoning / ease bite


For all chrome dentures, add £160 per denture to above prices. This includes chrome and one clasp if required. All extra clasps or extras charged at £25 each.

Immediate Temp P/-
Full upper or lower high impact acrylic
Partial upper or lower high impact acrylic
Full upper and lower high impact acrylic
Partial upper and lower high impact acrylic
£285 (Cosmo)
£438.00 (Cosmo) / £525.00 (Vivadent)
From £373.00 (Cosmo) / From £462.00 (Vivadent)
From £662.00 (Cosmo) / From £724.00 (Vivadent)
From £541.00 (Cosmo) / From £562.00 (Vivadent)


Full yellow gold
Bonded PMA
Coron bonded
Ducera gold
All porcelain
Empress all porcelain

Porcelain Veneers

All crown and veneer prices are reduced by 5% each for second and subsequent in same course of treatment.

All porcelain

Inlays & Onlays

Gold single surface
Gold multi surface
All porcelain
Empress all porcelain


Radford Heath crowns, bridges and veneers have a 5 year guarantee.

Fixed PMA bonded, 2 unit Bridge
Fixed PMA bonded, 3 unit Bridge
Acid-etched adhesive, 2 unit

Miscellaneous Crown and Bridge

Post / core following RCT
Post / core (constructed in lab)
Post only, pre-fabricated
Post and core (constructed in surgery)
Re-cement acid-etch bridge
Re-cement crown / fixed bridge / Veneer
From £47